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Online Presence

'Social media is a contact sport.' 

— Margaret Molloy.

If you are starting out, stagnating or overwhelmed by social media and how to use it, then the Online Presence formula is the right choice is for you. 

In this formula, we will work on promoting your brand online. Topics include*:

  • Analysis of your target audience and their social media habits.

  • Starting out.

  • Increasing your fanbase.

  • Engage with your fanbase. 

  • Optimisation across platforms.

*These are topic suggestions, and in no way the exhaustive list.

Please, if you have any specific questions, bring them with you!

"Louise was very professional when she helped me to link my social media pages and start to improve my online presence. I have already gained more followers and widened my fan base."

Chris Driver, Artist.

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